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The Benghazi Cover-up By H. Clinton and The Obama Administration By Dr. Robert Warren,  PhD
Over 40 years ago, Richard Nixon was forced to resign as President of the United States of America. His guilt lay not in the commission of the crimes of Watergate but in its cover-up. A stupid political burglary and its aftermath ended the Nixon presidency. Significantly, no one died and the guilty were sent to jail.
Fast forward to today. Barack Obama continues as President of the United States. He, as well as his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, covered up an al Queda orchestrated assault on the Ambassador to Libya. Unlike the Watergate burglary, four Americans died. Unlike the Watergate burglary, an innocent man was sent to prison to prop up the lie that a film caused the Islamic world to go crazy. No one guilty of bureaucratic or political failure was held legally accountable.
I would ask why no impeachment inquiry has been suggested. The parallels between Watergate and Benghazi…


I was sent a meme comparing what Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had allegedly done alluding to what they would do if elected. Fact is we would be electing two more of the least among us. I thought of George Washington as I read the propaganda. My thoughts.
When George Washington, surely one of the "Best Among Americans in his time," was approached to be our first president he asked, "Have I not done enough for my country?" He had, of course, but he gave in and did much more. We, as a society, have devolved so far since the founders envisaged that accomplished people would lend themselves to the masses for a period of time to use their skills and talents for the benefit of all, for the nation. 

We have now devolved to a state where the unaccomplished, the "Least Among Us," present for leadership positions and are elected by non-thinking, reflexively acting people. Why would we expect a person who has accomplished nothing of substance in their most pr…