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Trump's cabinet appointees' hearings show distinctly how the least among us control, or try to, the best among us.
As I watched the confirmation hearing a few days ago, I could not dispel the thought that I was watching validation of my opinion that we are governed by too many of the least among us, surely not the best. To see Senators such as Patty Murray, Patrick Leahy, Ron Wyden, Marco Rubio, Ben Cardin and more interrogating accomplished people, the kind of high achievers our founders envisaged governing America, was telling of who, and what kind of intellects, we have elected to office.

Rubio even had the audacity to try to force Sec. of State nominee, Rex Tillerson, to declare Vladimir Putin a "war criminal." Rubio is now said to be holding up Tillerson's confirmation as he ponders. Rubio is totally ignoring the fact that declaration of "a war criminal" requires charges and adjudication. Na├»ve or ignorant? Doesn't matter. Wrong! While all quest…


By Michael Wilson As I read, and listen to interviewees mobbing the streets of our nation's capital, bemoaning the anticipated "Nazism" of the nascent Trump administration all I see is a bunch of fascist goons and brats doing their utmost to emulate Hitler's Brown Shirts. The Metropolitan PD is not taking adequate steps to put an end to the rock throwing, burning, and riot and mayhem marring what has always been an example to the world of peaceful and lawful transfer of power.

Lock these thugs and goons up. Clear the streets of this dangerous riffraff. If they are not from DC or environs, find out who organized and financed their journeys, and arrest them for inciting to riot. Last night I saw the disgusting spectacle of a young boy, I suppose 11 or 12 years old, bragging to a TV news interviewer about his starting fires in the streets. He should have been taken into custody and his parents arrested for child endangerment. They would run the danger of having t…