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Sunday, September 29, 2013


  • On the ACA Misnamed "Obamacare," when he was only the salesman for it...and a very bad one at that. A friend in our "policy network' asked us to call our senators and Harry Reid. Well our senators happen to be Timmy Kaine, who was a community organizer in Nicarauga while Obama was same in Chicago -- joined at the heart. The other is Mark Warner who masquerades as a centrist but has been a sure vote for Harry Reid, which I told him he'd be when he came to Carol and Me for an endorsement -- refused, of course. My response to the current ACA debacle"

    We can call Senators and others, but my reasoning is that nothing will help bring sense to this issue. The D's will force a shutdown if only for hours just to blame Republicans......all for 2014. I remember a discussion over breakfast with my publisher friend when we agreed the ACA would be a "forever mistake" as I was writing about at the time. Already it was shaping up to be a huge boondoggle, and we agreed that Republicans would litigate it forever just as foolishly as they have Roe v Wade for 40 years -- fighting every aspect of the law with the same focus, emphasis and fervor (as some fought, even the after-sex pill). And, so it is and will be. Segmenting the law is the only hope for some resolution but I don't see that happening. R's won't do it and D's wouldn't permit it anyway. The media and other Dem shills, acolytes and sycophants have their forces out on the battle field. I suddenly remember my unmatchable football coach who would tell us when we fumbled or just messed up that "you look like bear cubs playing with themselves (my word, his was, well another word) with boxing gloves on."
    Sorry I can't muster some optimism, but our "leaders" continue to fumble, stumble and split like amoebas...or southern Baptists. Take your pick.


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