The problem of out of control governance in this article is being played out in all of America. My observation is that the cause for this in my own Virginia County of James City ranges from ineptitude to deliberate initiatives to create a "new order" according to UN Agenda 21. The disrespect shown to citizens by James City County Board of Supervisors is unacceptable. Local governments across America are aligned with ICLEI (explained below). Every citizen should learn about Agenda 21, all information, not just the seemingly innocuous information most easily obtained. There's virtually nothing from the media. Anything that's written masquerades as "sustainable development."
My article below published in The Virginia Gazette September 30, 2013, is receiving much attention. Not all actions are a part of Agenda 21.  But, any small part is too much.

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September 30, 2013

James City County Board Of Supervisors Triumvirate Out Of Control

By Joe Mann

Government of the people, by the people and for the people is the American way of governance as old as her constitution. Perhaps the triumvirate of James City County supervisors, Jim Icenhour, John McGlennon and Andy Bradshaw (and Wilford Kale before him) should review the concept and also learn the meaning of “public servant.”

Two elected Democrats and and one appointee now control the Board Of Supervisors, often as a cabal. They spend at unprecedented rates, yet they do nothing to broaden the tax base to avoid tax increases. Their initiative to control rural land and people should be unacceptable to all, as should be their abrogation of property rights as they recently did in denying a group's right to build a church in Grove. They made new law by rewriting existing law while in session with only their votes. Control of land portends control of people, where and how they live, food production, and even how many chickens one can raise, if any! The triumvirate recently purchased development rights on two tracts for far more than the market value. One tract even has land unsuitable for development. Several dissenters, including a respected developer who spoke to the overpayment, were dismissed with palpable disdain. They show contempt for anyone who speaks out against them, especially their land control initiatives.

In June 2011, a group of concerned citizens approached the Board Of Supervisors to divorce James City County from ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives), the operating base of UN Agenda 21. ICLEI masquerades as “sustainable development,” but Agenda 21 is a radical New World Order where land and people are controlled according to a grand UN plan. The citizens did their research, made cogent arguments and deserved respect. They got it from Supervisors Mary Jones, Bruce Goodson and Jim Kennedy who voted to divorce ICLEI. Response from the minority two, now two of the controlling triumvirate, was disparaging to contemptuous.

With control of the Board Of Supervisors, the triumvirate is focused again on land control, under the guise of “Thinking and Understanding Rural.” They spend taxpayers' money for consultants to teach us what many already know and most would if they sought facts and questioned the supervisors, whom many support reflexively. I tried to take the surveys even though I “understand rural, as reported in an earlier post.” The first question, what should the density of housing be in rural?, and the multiple choices given defined the objective – control, limit land use and “urbanize rural people. What gives anyone living on a quarter acre in a planned community or in the center of “urban” the right to dictate how rural land owners use their land? Once again, courageous citizens spoke up to the BOS to protect property rights. Again they were treated with contempt.

Now, the triumvirate is dismayed that only those who oppose excessive expenditures, abrogation of property rights and “urbanization of rural” show up to speak at Board Of Supervisors meetings. They wonder why people don't speak out to praise them. They now have an answer – fear of guns. A straw man! Such a ludicrous ruse arises from the attendance of a group of law abiding gun owners at a BOS meeting to show support for an outstanding public servant, Sheriff Bob Deeds, when the JCC administrator used his appointed position, and a fungible policy, to abrogate duly elected Sheriff Deeds' first amendment rights to post, on the JCC website, his opposition to gun confiscation. Solution? Spend more money to buy a service to hold online “town halls.” Control the “discussion.” Limit citizens' rights to free speech before the Board Of Supervisors. Create favorable results.

Those who ignore the abrogation of rights of others today will lose theirs tomorrow.

Joe Mann holds a doctorate from Georgia Tech. He is the founder and CEO of The Mann Group, International Consultants in management, marketing and technology strategies.


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