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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


03 July 2013

EGYPT' IS NO DEMOCRACY– The Arab Spring fallacies

The following is a response to a question about the current demonstrations in Egypt and how the “democracy” will be affected. There is no democracy in Egypt.

Democracy as we define it hardly fits the situation in that part of the world (I'll go ahead and say it and be criticized....the world of Islam). The time to have dealt with what would predictably be chaos and theocratic control was during the improperly characterized "Arab Spring." Hillary Clinton and others, such as the hapless James Clapper praised the Muslim Brotherhood as being "Democratic." Clapper even called the Muslim Brotherhood "secular."

At that time I wrote in the blog a rebuttal predicting that the MB would prevail and Egypt would fall under theocratic control. The question is, "Were Clinton, Clapper and others so ignorant as to believe what they preached or did they and President Obama have a different agenda under the guise of supporting "democracy?" I think I know the answer, but I'll be castigated for either one. I believe we are looking at the formation of a pan-Islamic region. I believe Obama is comfortable with that. Even Turkey's Prime Minister, Erdogan is trying hard to be a part of it...undoing all the Ataturk did 90+ years ago to make Turkey a secular Democratic state. Neither ignorance nor deceptive support by the USA of theocratic control of the region is acceptable. The media is sycophantic and complicit. More to be written later.


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