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Tuesday, August 20, 2013



On July 3, 2013, I wrote on this blog my opinions as to how Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, James Clapper either misjudged the “Arab Spring” or had an agenda to support a Muslim Brotherhood controlled Islamic theocracy akin to what Jimmy Carter aided and abetted in Iran with Ayatollah Khomeni in 1979. James Clapper went so far as to claim that the Muslim Brotherhood is secular. This, alone, indicates either an attempt to mislead Americans (those who care!) or his abject ignorance. Given his other actions and statements, I'll assume it was out of ignorance. I'll further assume willful ignorance. Totally unacceptable!

Does anyone know, with clarity, what the Obama administration's policy is toward Egypt ….. in fact, the whole Mid-East? Do they have one? Where's Obama? Vacationing? Speaking to acolytes somewhere?

According to The Wall Street Journal today in a front-page article, “Allies Thwart America In Egypt,” Mid-East allies are ignoring Obama and America.

Saudia Arabia, United Arab Emirates and even Israel, are supporting the Egyptian military as the only stable entity in Egypt, in an effort to preclude a Morsi-led radical theocratic government. As the WSJ says, these nations are blunting any influence the Obama administration might have on the military. In fact, Obama tried to convince General Al Sisi not to overthrow Morsi.

One must ask, “What is the Obama administration's policy?” Do they encourage a radical pan-Islamic region? Why? Are they just ignorant? Do they have a policy?

Frankly, as Obama seems to play more than he works, it seems he wants the presidency for some reason, but either doesn't want to be president or doesn't know how to be presidential.

And then there is Russia. Putin shows profound disrespect for Obama. Yet the Obama shills, including much of the media, more or less ignore the reality. Russia will be a subject for another write.

Oh yes, there is Poland and Russia combined......and how Iran fits in. Yet another write later.

I feel compelled to write this piece for an antagonist who responded to a blog post of May 1 by saying that “this country will never be what it could be [if we don't follow Obama's policies].” But, as Mark Twain cautioned, “never debate stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and defeat you with experience.” So true!


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