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Thursday, October 10, 2013


Editor's Note -- JAM
President Obama is CEO of the USA and is Commander-in Chief of our vaunted military. As CEO, he's responsible for everything that goes on under his management and his command. So, the families of 4 of our fallen heroes in Afghanistan were told they could not get benefits for their deceased loved ones and their bodies might not be flown home. No money. At the same time, he approves $400 million+ for left-leaning NPR who gives him softball interviews and endorses him.....but he "knows nothing" about funds being denied families of fallen soldiers. So, what's worse, a president so irresponsibe as he or 50% of voters who ignore his faults and support him? Clue: Had he not been elected and reelected, we wouldn't have the problem...... and many more.

The American Shame:
By Dr. Robert Warren, PhD
October 8, 2013

It has been over a year since I last visited the WW-II Memorial on the DC Mall. To me, it is a reminder of the great sacrifices Americans have made to preserve and protect freedom. There are always some very touching remembrances tucked in a small place. And it is common to see an aging vet being greeted and hugged by grateful families and even strangers. One is often rendered speechless, overwhelmed by thanks and a sense of standing on hallowed ground.

Needless to say, I was shocked when I heard that WW-II veterans were being stopped by barricades and, therefore, locked out of this, their outdoor Memorial.

As the story has unfolded, it has gotten increasingly ugly with all fingers pointing at an Obama administration that has forgotten the founding premise of the Constitution - the government belongs to the people.

A number of very important lessons emerged from this debacle:

First, the veterans did what they did some 70 years ago in Europe and the South Pacific. They stormed the barricades under threat of arrest by the Park Service. This is civil disobedience at its best.

Second, it was Republican legislators who came to the Memorial and assisted with barrier removal and negotiations with the Park Police. Conversely, it was Democrat legislators who supported the illegal immigration protest on the supposedly “closed” DC Mall.

Third, the Obama administration deliberately chose to shut down the highly visibly WW-II Memorial to pressure Republicans. They cared not one wit for the most fragile of America’s veterans, many in wheel chairs and others close to death. Therefore, it is not surprising that they also shutdown every other military memorial and even arrested some veterans.

To anyone paying attention, this administration has clearly shown a level of cruelty that is truly disgusting. Unfortunately, the shame belongs to we the people. We let government get too big, too intrusive and too expensive in a mindless and ignorant search for an ideal welfare state.


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