OBAMA -- A President In Denial

This post gives perspective on President Obama's actions and decisions from a person who served in government under eight (8) presidents. I am in agreement with Mr. Nervitt on all issues on which he focuses and there are more. We have identified at least 18 egregious actions of this president, some of which are impeachable offenses, although, up to now, I have discouraged promoting impeachment simply because it would fail given the current US Senate. The chaos that this Obama-led administration has created, whether by design or incompetence, is destroying traditional America. The ACA is but one example. More in another post.
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A President in Denial
By Ronald A. Nervitt

The country needs to be concerned about the health of our president. Observing his rhetoric and actions over the past five years, there is something "pathic" going on. It is left to medical professionals to determine what that might be and the extent of any malady that may be afflicting him.

To the average citizen, the symptoms point to an extreme case of narcissism manifested by the amount of personal pronouns such as "I’s" contained in his speeches, interviews and question-and-answer sessions. Coupled with this the president's insatiable desire for adulation and approval and, conversely, a complete aversion to accepting responsibility and blame. In fact, everybody and everything are responsible for damaging outcomes, but never he. When a leader possesses such egocentric behavior, the country suffers as reflected in the current state of governance.

The president also has demonstrated dangerous delusions such as when recently speaking on the world stage at the United Nations. He began with a pronouncement that the world is safer today than
when he took office five years ago. It would be hard to convince the Coptic Christians in Libya, Egypt and other parts of the Middle East who are murdered daily and their churches burned. Al
Qaida has metastasized and decentralized, and is more of a threat us and others than ever before, as Kenya recently experienced.

Perhaps he should talk to the women of Afghanistan as they prepare again for public soccer field executions with the resurgence of the Taliban and their takeover of the country once the
U.S. military withdraws. The war in Iraq had already been won when the president took office, but he proceeded to lose the peace as violence escalates. Russia is re-surging, North Korea and
Iran continue unabated with their nuclear aims, even with the recent “agreement.” Libya, Egypt and parts of Northern Africa are in chaos, and we have a president in denial.

Politicians usually exaggerate, spin and sometimes lie, but the president has taken mendacity and hyperbole to levels never seen before. Everyone heard the President set a Red Line relative to Syria's use of chemical weapons and then were flabbergasted to hear him weeks later say he never set a Red Line! Everyone heard him say that he would not negotiate on the recent continuing resolution and debt limit battles and were flabbergasted when he proclaimed he never said he would not negotiate!

Everyone heard him say that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was a fee not a tax on the uninsured; the costs would be $900 billion not $2.7 trillion plus; health insurance' savings would be $2,500 not cost $7,500 per family; you can keep your insurance, which has proven not to be the case; and you can keep your doctor, which again has proven not to be the case, and in addition, your doctor may not keep you. The ACA, alias Obamacare, has turned out to be a cruel and costly hoax.

Too numerous to mention are the lies and deceptions associated with the Benghazi debacle, IRS political targeting, Fast and Furious gun running, and other scandals, all pointing to a culture of administration lawlessness. 

These personal characteristics become magnified when wrapped around the president's dangerously complex ideology formed through early Muslim schooling in Indonesia, mentoring in Hawaii by avowed communist Frank Davis, radicalized by associations at Columbia and Harvard, and on-the-job Alinsky thug training on the streets of Chicago as a community organizer and activist.

This makeup was on full display during his recently orchestrated government shutdown where our veterans were denied access to their own memorials, children were missing vital cancer treatments at the National Institute of Health, and families of fallen soldiers killed in action in Afghanistan were denied death benefits. The president made these diabolical decisions and showed no mercy or respect to these vulnerable citizens. Rather than attempting to minimize the pain of the citizens brought on by a shutdown as previous administrations have done, he ghoulishly relished in maximizing it.

What kind of president does this? What kind of person is this? Is it the personality, ideology; combinations of both, or something else that guides this callousness? The president needs urgent medical intervention for his own sake as well as for the good of the I country. The sooner the better!

Ronald A. Nervitt was a senior executive having served under eight presidents beginning with John F. Kennedy and ending with Bill Clinton.


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