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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


 Whatever one thinks of the ACA (aka Obamacare), the fact is it is the most extreme example of the incorrect way to solve problems that one skilled in correct analytical problem-solving methodology knows. But, it's the way congress and the president operate. Ineptitude reigns supreme!

As I listened to President Obama's speech on the "shutdown" and his commentary about the ACA, with his shills behind him and a few examples of the greatness of the ACA, I had to post this note that came to me from a very reliable friend yesterday. I normally give specifics and references but cannot here because of a wish for anonymity. It is reliable. Accept it if you want some reliable counter to Obama's hype and deception or reject it if you prefer to be a sycophant for him. Obama is a master at using the technique used in all situations like today's. He can't be matched in playing to his base, including those who don't seek information and just accept his words. His condemnation of his opposition, Republicans, is unprecedented and very unprofessional. But, that's Obama! I hold him in contempt, but what does it say for those who voted him in and support him reflexively? Willful ignorance. Harsh? Yes, but deserved.

This is from a lady I know in Berlin, MD. (from friend Steve) -- verbatim unedited

I know I told you my insurance was horrible form work. But I was going to go ahead and get it because I need a follow up colonoscopy. I can't even enroll until November for January. Well I thought it couldn't get worse, but... The new insurance has a $3500 deductible with absolutely no coverage until it is met. It will not cover spouses at all, and if you put your kids on it, you have an $11,000 deductible before it covers anything.

I'm trying to pay back $55,000 of student loans, why didn't the government bail me out like it did those corporations

And now they want to shut down. Congress is corrupt!


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