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Sunday, April 15, 2012


Hilary Rosen, Obama's frequent visitor to OUR White House, is archtypical of the type of person that has highjacked the once honorable and proud Democratic Party, that of most of my forebearers. If you haven't heard Rosen's gutter comment about Mrs. Romney never having worked, you should seek it out and listen, not only to the comment but to her later defense of the indefensible. She is in the same league as Bill Maher and other radical Progressives. 
I was raised by one of these mothers who "never worked" a la Rosen. Her priorities were taking care of my sister and me and our father while making a home for all of us. NOT easy. Her dedication to family and her faith defined her...a wonderful person. 
Once while I sat with Mom in her waning days (her winter season of life), Maher asserted on CNN that any person of faith was stupid. Later he said "anyone that believes the Jesus story is and Idiot." My mother was astounded. She was also deeply hurt. I hope to be able to confront the sorry piece of humanity before my checkout date. Would Maher apologize? Hell NO. He is always "right." He's also typical of the radicals who have taken over the Democratic Party. Also, he is a supporter of Obama and has publicly given $1 million to Obama's reelection.
Mrs. Romney should not expend one breath of air defending herself. Push it back into the disrespectful mouth and mind of Ms. Rosen. If you've already guessed it, yes, I'm very angry at those who highjacked the Democratic Party of my great and honorable forebearers.
The people like my parents, and others of their kind are the ones who made America the greatest nation. It's the sub-culturists such as Ms. Rosen, projeny of the misguided radicals of the sub-cultural 60's who are transforming America and pushing "Traditional America" into the waning days of the winter season of her life. 
The sub-culturists worked more-or-less surreptitiously for 6+ decades until finding and electing their patron saint, Barrack Obama. He is one of them, a product of the sub-culture himself, born into it, raised in it, "educated in it" and is now enjoying the power given to him without any qualifications to have been elected. Now he is doing their bidding as he builds a Totalitarian state. Before you simply object, please look at his actions....and even his words. Yes, I'm angry, but I am more saddened by the reality that people like Ms. Rosen and Bill Maher and their ilk are in control through their president. 

Oh yes, I know his surrogates have thrown her under the bus, but only after she stated her (and their) true belief. Messed up! Got off script with true feelings. But, they knew her all along.


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