There is much that I have contemplated writing about the subject since we are losing primacy that has long been held by Traditional America in several areas. And, expected by other nations to be so. Today,  I was saddened to watch the symbolism of one such loss. While sitting in Duke University Hospital Pulmonary Clinic I watched Discovery being ferried to the Smithsonian on the back of a Boeing 747. Primacy gone in space travel and research!

The reduction in NASA's funding has far-reaching consequences! So much technology on which the USA operates, as well as much of the world, evolved from NASA's work. A whole new paradigm is now developing as the USA loses primacy, first to Russia and then to China in all likelihood.There's more loss coming.

In the room with me were two fairly young people, one woman and one man. They were watching the TV as intently as I was. I didn't think they appeared to be people who would be very concerned. Suffice it to say the dress was not traditional, not at all. Yes, I'm guilty of being judgmental and of being incorrectly so here.

The lady looked at me and said, "What do you think of that? I think it is wrong!" I told her I agreed with her and why I did so. She said, with focus on the man with her, "we now have to beg a ride from the Russians." And, "we are now subordinate to Russia and maybe China soon." She looked straight at me and asked, "what will this administration not do to hurt our country?" "We can spend on lavish parties for government employees, but we cut important stuff." She expressed more concern. No argument from me.

I was taken aback, but pleasantly so. We had a nice discussion, commiserating about our "loss of primacy in this area and more." She revealed she was a lawyer specializing in real estate law, but her passion seemed to be concern for our nation -- our "national condition." She was delightful, clearly an intelligent and thinking person. I found a new friend and some hope that there are  more like her. Together they may make a difference if they are given some help in asserting themselves and leveraging themselves with enough of their kind.  This lady made my day!

By the way, Today it is the young woman lawyer, yesterday it was a pharmacy assistant (another young lady) who surprised me by sharing her knowledge about who gets financial assistance with drugs and who doesn't. The fact didn't surprise me since I've seen it firsthand and also had another pharmaceutical rep tell me the same. But, that's a story for another write..........another day. It is all about the world of entitlements, who has them and how they get them..... and is not to be spoken or written about. BUT IT WILL BE. MUST BE!


  1. Sandra Arias17 April, 2012

    Obama is bringing America to its knees, this country that had dedicated all its power and resources to promoted freedom and prosperity in the world, has been push to the cliff. Every one that worry and cares about the future of our children and grand children, needs to get together, specially those that had been indifferent to join us now, and massively manifest rejection against Obama's Anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-prosperity policies. Americans always fought oppressio. I been in the US for almost 25 years...and this is not the America I knew...


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