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Monday, April 16, 2012


"President" Obama announced that "of course he would be angry" if the charges of impropriety by Secret Service agents were to be proved.

How many ways can Obama personalize his job as CEO of the United States of America? How many ways can he prove that he is not a CEO and won't be.... can't be because of background and personality.

If Mr. Obama were CEO of a corporation (purely hypothetical and rhetorical) his board would have been obligated to remove him for any one of many gaffs and inappropriate actions. Most recently his comments to Medvedev would have demanded it. Of course, there arm other reasons to fire him as CEO.

It is not expected of Mr. Obama that he express anger, it is expected that he will stand tall as a CEO and govern, take action against improper behavior, set the direction for his company (USA) and more. The top of the any organization establishes the culture of the organization, the personality and more. The CEO takes charge of solving problems, all of them, and doesn't make excuses that they aren't his problems. They become his when he takes the oath of office. OBAMA DOESN'T SEEM TO REALIZE THIS. His supporters allow him to think so.

America's culture is being transformed negatively. It's not acceptable. When will all Americans come to this reality? Seems a majority never will. Very sad!


Anonymous Janet Goodrich said...

BO's immaturity is demonstrated by his reaction to situations where he should simply reply "We need to wait until all the facts are in and the investigation is completed."

17 April, 2012  
Blogger Dr. Joe A. Mann said...

Janet, your characterization of "immature" is spot on. Wisdom and judgement are totally absent. I have worked with a few thousand people, managed many of them, and I can't see Obama in any job in companies I've worked for, including my own 2. Thanks for your comment.

17 April, 2012  

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