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Saturday, April 7, 2012


I wrote this as a note to some friends this morning, but it was suggested I post if for further perusal. Obama has proven to be all I speak of below. His threat to the Supreme Court is further proof that he has no respect for the separation of powers ..... but, what more proof do thinking people need. The non-thinking don't care, and that's a major problem.
I have much more to write but have had some difficulty getting it done. Will try a bit harder this weekend and next week.

You may have seen this. Will have now! I am skeptical of anything from Steele. My opinion is that Santorum and Gingrich shot themselves down and didn't have the funds to keep up with Romney. Unfortunately, I believe Romney has less than a 50:50 chance of beating Obama and his media sycophants. And, if Romney can't connect better with people, articulate his vision more persuasively, and define Obama for what he is and isn't, his chances diminish more.
What's worse is that, even if Romney can turn in a great campaign performance, too many voters are dumber than the river rocks I saw near my Greenbrier River/Organ Cave, WV childhood home last weekend.
As I've watched Obama the past 2 weeks, it's clear that he is both totally incompetent and is absent any sense of honor, integrity and decency. He is not only functionally inept ( I guess that would be dysfunctional to a real wordsmith) and his whole demeanor is that of a shyster.....surely it isn't presidential. Laurence J. Peter must have had Obama in mind when he wrote of his famous "Principle." Obama reached his operational peak on the streets of Chicago as a union organizer. But, like a parasite, he'll bring down a great host....a nation! 


Blogger Kathryn Johnson said...

"Unfortunately, I believe Romney has less than a 50:50 chance of beating Obama and his media sycophants. And, if Romney can't connect better with people, articulate his vision more persuasively, and define Obama for what he is and isn't, his chances diminish more."
Then he has people like McCain in his corner...jeesh :/

10 April, 2012  
Blogger Dr. Joe A. Mann said...

Kathryn, I understand your comment re McCain. If you've read my very first post, Obama and the Debt Ceiling," you will know why I came out of political "retirement" to try to get McCain elected. Obama was the most undefined candidate in history -- no job with accountability, historical records sealed (even all academic ones), unbelievable anti-American associations and a strong bent toward "Socialism" that now manifests itself as true "imperialism" going toward "Totalitarianism." He is, in my opinion and from my considered observations, anti-American. This election is not like any in history. If Obama is elected, he will take a license to be a dictator. He is already ignoring separation of powers. Surely, I'm not so naive as to not know that many people will laugh at this and think the worst of me for it. But, elect him (a high probability) and watch the transformation accelerate. For that reason, once again I will do all I can to defeat him even with less than an ideal candidate.....but one who is pro-American. You may differ with me, but I will ask you and your friends to consider this seriously. It is serious! Normal issues must be subordinated to protecting America. Traditional America is in the winter season of her life with Obama's re-election.

11 April, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, this is right on and there are plenty of specific examples to prove the points Joe has made. He gave 55% of Chryster to a socialist organization, he challenges states attempting to enforce federal laws (making up your own rules aa you go along is called dictatorship). He breaks laws concerning the sale of weapons to foreign nations (ie Fast and Fursious) and others. Unconstrained, he WILL be a brutal dictator with a semi- socialist economic system in place. He may not have the assets owned by the USG, but his henchmen will be controlling them--about the same thing to me. C. Misak

11 April, 2012  
Blogger Kathryn Johnson said...

actually my thoughts do not differ from yours where the topic of Obama is concerned and I agree with what you've written. He has done enough damage and I'm not looking forward to seeing what he'll manage to do next. Dictator? Yes, I'll agree with that. My comment was one of disappointment for the damage McCain did to Romney when he was issuing his endorsement speech and was not meant to sound as if I was backing Obama...because I'm not!

11 April, 2012  
Blogger Kathryn Johnson said...

and I also agree this is a very serious issue and we should all be afraid of what would happen if Obama gets a second term in office as our "President". I know I'm scared to pieces right now!

11 April, 2012  

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