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Monday, April 16, 2012


Today the news media talking heads are saying that "President" Obama must finally denounce the scurrilous, dispicable sorry excuse of humanity, Bill Maher, for his gutter (synonymous with Maher) comments re Ms. Romney not having worked.

NO. I disagree! It is too late for Obama to disavow Maher and his commentary. Obama and all of his shills, and every Democrat in the USA, should instinctively condemn Maher, Hilary Rosen and all of their ilk who engage in such disgusting tactics. They show their concurrence by waiting until they are forced by public opinion to capitulate.

Unfortunately, such scurrilous commentary is now EXPECTED OF THE DEMOCRATS. Yes, I've said it because it is true.

Bill Maher and his ilk now DEFINE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. More later if you don't know the scores of other Obama shills who are cut from the same cloth, molded in the same muck! Damn them for highjacking the once proud, respectable and honorable Democratic Party of some of my favorite forebearers.


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