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Sunday, April 15, 2012


I'm totally disgusted and fed up with Warren Buffett shilling for Obama on taxation. It would seem that they are in a contest to see who can be the most dishonest with the American people.
Do they really think Americans are as stupid as they would imply with their claims of taxing the rich to help the middle class? Or, are they just being dishonest assuming enough Americans will simply reflexively accept their claims. Yes to both!

I've reported Buffett's dishonesty in taking every tax shelter he can take and his refusing to write a check to the US Treasury to show he is serious and honest. He isn't!

I've written about Buffett's many foundations that are tax shelters pure and simple, and the billions he has sheltered in them.

I suspect most may not know that Buffett's company is also in a huge tax dispute with the IRS, said to be $1 Billion.

What I do understand is that a huge voting bloc of dependent class people, many of them capable of earning a living, some not able, will buy into their deception. This is Obama's the voter bloc.

What is so disgusting and, after seeing the effects for so long, is that so many people who should be categorized as "thinking people" and people who should be "concerned about honesty and integrity" in government as well as the solvency of America, also accept their deception and simply take it as a Democratic program that they are obligated to support. WHY??

This Buffett Rule nonsense is but one example of the worst in government from the worst among us being elected to high office.... or to any office with control of our destiny.

As a final note, I just remembered that when elected Governor of CA, Arnold Swartzeneger named Buffett as one of his first advisers. Buffett's first public proposal was to increase taxes. If he is the astute businessman he is purported to be, could he not have given more comprehensive advice on how to restructure California's dying financial system?? No! Apparently, only taxes. For the skeptic, even if Swartzenegar was a failure, the concept is still correct and valid. Buffett was fired! Swartzenegar was not totally ineffective.


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