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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Today there is considerable dialogue regarding various political, economic and governing systems. Unfortunately, many, if not most, of us have less than a thorough understanding of each system and how the various systems differ. It is common to speak of our American system of government as simply a "Democracy" when, in fact, our founders were intent on forming a Constitutional Republic. The Republic has been under attack for decades, never more than now.

When Mr. Obama was running for president, I was among the first to speak of him as a "Socialist." His every presentation hinted of that philosophy and ideology. Even now, pundits and others speak of his intent to convert America to European Socialism. Two things are wrong with that characterization, even though the allusion is that Americans should not accept it -- and they shouldn't.

First, too many people think of anything and everything "European" as being superior, or at least desirable. Few notions could be further from the truth. Europe is largely in shambles.  In spite of that, many do want us to go their way. It would be a disaster!

Second, it has become apparent that Mr.Obama's ambitions are not just that, rather he seems firmly headed toward Totalitarianism. His flouting of the separation of powers and his and his Attorney General's abrogation of the rule of law strongly suggest it. It is my concern that if reelected he will do all possible to achieve that ambition.

Please read Chuck Misak's scholarly article below for an understanding of why some of us have such concerns. I know full well that some left-leaning people and some who are just not willing to see this undesirable truth will condemn this point of view. I simply ask that all readers examine the facts, the evidence and his actions and make your own conclusions. Thank you.


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