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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


President Obama's press promotion today of the so-called "Buffett Rule" to "tax high income earners" was an affront to the intelligence of all Americans. He deserves profound criticism! Buffett himself is also deserving of criticism for his hypocrisy, and for promoting himself in this charade. Others who should be called out are the fawning fools surrounding Mr. Obama in the promotion. Special mention is due the attractive woman standing to his left who displayed her admiration with little, if any, constraint. Folks, is this what governance has come to with the Obama administration? Sadly it is.

Mr. Obama, go ahead and promote taxing Buffett and his ilk as much as you want. Get the legislation in Congress according to the constitution. Just have some honesty and assure that only those you speak of get the additional taxation and not the lower earners that are surely surreptitiously in your sights. Republicans, support him and help him assure the restrictions I mention are fixed. Get this issue off the table!! Drive the issue back to Buffet, who obfuscated and stalled as usual when challenged to go ahead and write the Treasury a big check. He won't. He uses all loopholes possible to minimize taxes.

I have posted pieces before on Buffett's hypocrisy. I invite you to search that title and other "Buffet" pieces for more details. A few of his "shelters" include foundations for each family member, $1.9 Billion to Gates' foundation in 2011 and $2.0 Billion of his deceased wife's wealth to a foundation in 2004. He takes a pittance of salary, taxed at ordinary rates, and takes all of his earnings in capital gains taxed at 15%. His holding company, Berkshire Hathaway, was a defunct textile company Buffett purchased to shelter earnings from his insurance businesses. Check it out!

Of the many disgusting aspects of Obama's presentation, perhaps the most disgusting was his assertion that students would have to pay higher interest on their student loans.

Obama nationalizes the student loan business taking it away from banks and immediately uses it as an excuse to raise taxes!!!   Wake up Americans!

This assertion is blatantly dishonest, and just plain unacceptable, as were his claims that "seniors would not get their social security checks if the debt ceiling wasn't raised!" There was no mention though of stopping payments to those who never paid a cent into the SS trust fund...... "trough feeders," who never worked and never will. IF THIS SOUNDS HARSH, SOMETIMES TRUTH DOES HURT A BIT. It's time to bring some truth to Obama's administration.  

Sure, I'll be criticized for this, maybe even targeted, but somehow this message has to get out.I feel the sting of the sword already. I've felt it before.

I'm herewith asking every thinking and caring American to get active in combating the dishonesty, dissembling, obfuscation and subterfuge we are witnessing at levels never before experienced.


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