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Thursday, October 6, 2011



While some pundits have equated  the "Occupy Wall Street" crowd with Tea Party activists, there is no validity in their claims. An acquaintance asked me how I characterized the Wall Street activists and I told her that from interviews I'd seen, there was only one characterization that came to mind and that was "they are so ignorant they don't even know why they are demonstrating." One said he "was born to be there." Others were similarly idiotic. I also told her that "I think it is centrally controlled, probably by Obama supporters (even for Obama). I suggested to another friend earlier that it would not be surprising to learn that Soros was backing it. If unions were involved, expect thuggery to reign. Well, you now know it. AFL-CIO, SEIU, Teachers Unions and more as well as Soros and are involved. What more information is necessary to give evidence that President Obama knows exactly what they are doing and WHY.
These crowds are progressives/liberals. Yet, they are demonstrating against Wall Street where liberals reign supreme and 80% of their votes and their contributions go to Democrats. For example, in 2008 Obama received 80% of contributions from the biggest on Wall Street such as Goldman Sachs. Then Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase has big fundraisers for Obama.... and the beat goes on. Wall Streeters visit the WH for briefings. What do you think they are told?? Then President Obama continues his claims of reforming Wall Street and putting "fat cats" in their place. The "Occupiers" demonstrate!! Unions come in to do their thuggery, President Obama gives a disgustingly inept speech and press conference declaring that the "Occupiers" are speaking for the middle class and....... Get the picture yet?
For whom do you think these people are demonstrating? Organizing and financing the ignorant...... does this ring a bell? If not it should! Building the voter base.....the "COMMUNITY ORGANIZING WAY." Get the picture?


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