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Thursday, October 6, 2011


I was saddened to get final proof of the shutdown of Tevatron, the particle accelerator atom smasher, and the  relegation of Fermilab, its host, to the "black hole of history." Tevatron has many atom smashing breakthroughs since its birth in 1983. However, its supremacy was overcome last December by the Large Hedron Collider, the 17-mile underground accelerator along the border of France and Switzerland. In April 2011, Hedron broke its own record that it made as it dethroned Tevatron. To some, this may seem unimportant. Not so at all. The scientific breakthroughs made by Tevatron will now be made by a non-American facility. A new era is born.
This is of special importance when combined with other American losses in recent years. NASA, for many years the major engine for basic research in electronics and other technology, sees its budget cut and hence many projects curtailed. The space shuttle program is canceled and the USA plans to pay hugely for a ride on the Russian ship to the "international space station."
Moreover,our education system is in shambles, and that's not hyperbolic at all, as evidenced by our scoring 25 and 26 out of 27 nations on the UN evaluations in math and science. We fiddle with one new program after another as the system more and more turns out less than superior product....even mediocrity.
Then our government does all possible to destroy the fundamental base of our economy, energy, by denying our access to oil and plentiful supplies of gas while we develop, THE RIGHT WAY, alternate energy sources. No informed, intelligent person would do what the Obama administration is doing under the guise of "energy independence." Oh, but informed intelligent person in the administration is oxymoronic.
Then the union-prejudiced NLRB decides to deny Boeing the right to start their plant to make 787s in South Carolina, abrogating more than just labor law..... all to protect unions and destroy South Carolina's right to work law. Others will be attacked, including ours in Virginia, but we will fight it to the end.
There is more, but I offer this as I plan to write a more definitive piece on the Boeing dilemma. Until I write the larger piece, I'll ask you to keep in mind that aircraft manufacturing has been the only manufacturing sector in which we have maintained full competitiveness, even superiority. This is a subject I've written and spoken about since 1982. Can President Obama be "brilliant" as billed, yet limit Boeing's ability to manufacture, and have a goal to increase exports by 50% by 2015? NO. China is poised and ready to compete with Boeing! Airplanes are our major export item!! Oh yes, waste paper and metals are tops to some countries.
Our national condition is critical and it will worsen. The president seems to be bound and determined to make it so. Sad but true.


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