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Friday, October 28, 2011

LIBYA'S ULTIMATE GOVERNMENT -- Muslim Brotherhood control

I want to highlight a reference to Libya from the post "Iraq Will Go The Way Of Iran" for a loyal friend and reader who is thoughtful about Libya's ultimate fate. The comment re Libya was buried, almost as an afterthought, but is very important in painting a profile of the governance of the whole region.
Almost rhetorically, I asked "who is foolish enough to think Libya won't go the way of Iran [Iraq, and Egypt]? That is, control by the Muslim Brotherhood. They will! Only hours after I posted that, it was announced that Libya would institute Islamic Sharia Law..... hardly a secular Democracy as insinuated by our government spokespeople and the media Obama administration sycophants.
It is incomprehensible that people in responsible positions in government, media and at large are so uninformed (aka ignorant), yet they hold power and mislead the masses shamefully. Take James Clapper (yes, take him and smack some sense into him!), a retired Air Force Lt. Gen. and Director, National Intelligence Agency, who called the Muslim Brotherhood a "secular" group. How stupid can one be?
It would be naive, even irresponsible of our government, not to think most of the region, perhaps all in time, will be controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, hardline in both radical theocratic and radical political Islam. Yes, Islam must be viewed as both "religious Islam" teaching the Quran and "political Islam," to establish the controlling ruling Caliphate. I will anger, even alienate, some Muslim friends with such comments, but truth is what it is......and it is obligatory that all of us to deal with truth.
Unfortunately, our government in Washington is going the other direction.... ignoring truth and establishing a new definition of it.


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