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Sunday, October 9, 2011


Forgive me for repeating a bit. In 2008, I wrote that Barack Obama had less to define him than any presidential candidate in history. Surely, he had nothing to qualify him as a CEO, nothing presidential. Loquaciousness alone isn't a qualifier. In fact, he had no employment background with performance standards that would qualify him for an job demanding results and accountability. Even his colleagues at the University of Chicago have been quoted as saying he had little to do with them and always had other activities that took his time. His tenure in the Illinois and US Senates were surely without distinction. It isn't a stretch at all to say that he spent a lifetime in self-promotion with his principle job being, in his own words, "community organizing," another way to say organizing and instructing the non-working dependent class in unionizing and in ways to feed at the government trough while building voter blocs.
Well, it seems nothing has changed. He isn't governing, rather he is promoting himself, nationwide now, for reelection by "selling his jobs bill," (that isn't jobs at all) at taxpayer expense -- voter bloc building again.
Yes, the same old game....."COMMUNITY ORGANIZING NATIONWIDE." Who can doubt it?


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