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Thursday, October 13, 2011


In spite of efforts by Congresswoman Pelosi and others like her, as well as the President, to compare the "Occupiers" with Tea Party people, even praising the Occupiers while disparaging Tea Partiers, they are not similar. Tea Partiers are seriously trying to preserve traditional America and the Occupiers are bound to do just the opposite. Tea Partiers are disciplined and orderly, Occupiers are the opposite and remind me of the undisciplined radicals of the 60s. The Occupiers create filth and trash, which, in part, defines them. Tea Partiers have not been so slovenly.
I have long contended that much of our current problems with Congress is that too many of them are of the 60s generation and still hold the values of the radicals of the era. I strongly contend that one reason they don't legislate to solve the drug problem is that they don't believe that drugs are a problem -- the 60s culture.
Nancy Pelosi, especially, is despicable in her views of the two different are the leftist media.
There can't be much doubt that the Occupiers are being orchestrated!!


Anonymous Mike Morgan said...

Vancouver based Adbusters, a well know anti-semitic organization is the birthplace of this so called "grassroots" movement. While the protesters decry corporate America, capitalism, profits, indoor plumbing and soap, they held a moment of silence for Steve Jobs, one of the most successful Capitalists.

A friend of mine stated that the Tea Party was not protesting, but rather rallying, and therefore was less subject to "breaking the law" and being arrested. The Tea Party is most assuredly protesting, but being civilized Americans, they understand that actions have consequences, and choose to obey the law, use public restrooms, and leave their protest sites as clean and pristine as they were when they arrived.

16 October, 2011  
Blogger Dr. Joe A. Mann said...

Thank you for the pertinent comments, Mike. In so much as this "class" of people represent much of the Democratic Party todau, they vividly demonstrate the radical change in the once honorable and proud party of a majority of the good people we grew up with. Sad news is, many believe the party is what it was. Isn't!

16 October, 2011  

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