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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The Middle East is changing rapidly and radically, surely not to the benefit of the USA or other western nations. "Democracy" is espoused by our "leaders" either in abject ignorance or to obscure their real sentiments and the goals of the administration. The press, however, will not present the situation as it truly is. They will do the administrations bidding as loyal sycophants and too many Americans will believe them. They are already painting over the reality of pulling all troops out of Iraq as Iraq's fault for not negotiating. Surely, huge mistakes were made in the early stages of the war that prolonged it. Getting out the way we are is only compounding the mistakes. According to military experts, we caved to Moqtada al Sadr who will soon be in control. He will be to Iraq what Khomeini has been to Iran. Radical Sharia Law will control yet another country. The Muslim Brotherhood is rapidly gaining control in much, if not most, of the middle east.
Does anyone question why President Obama ignored the Green Revolution in Iran, as Iranians tried to free themselves from radical clerical control, yet he supports "revolution," under the guise of "democracy," in other nations where the Muslim Brotherhood is poised to gain control?

So-called "Democracy" in the Middle East is not democracy at all. Many will remember my early admonition that Egypt, in all likelihood, would end up being controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia Law. While it's said that the Israel/Egypt peace accord will remain in place, in reality it will be abrogated as the MB takes control. It already is, in fact, in the Sinai.The MB is rapidly gaining control in much of the area.
Lebanon is now controlled by Hezbollah, a son of the Muslim Brotherhood. Gaza is controlled by Hamas, a brother of Hezbollah.
Ataturk's secular Turkey is methodically being transformed, under Erdogan, to more of a Islamic government. It's a matter of time.
Tunisia is going in the same direction and who is so foolish  as to think Libya won't. They surely will!
If you try to paint the portrait of the Mid-East in the near future, it is reasonable to paint a radical Islamic region in total. 
In spite of efforts of the media and written press to sycophantically tout that we have been successful in promoting Democracy in the Mid-East, it isn't true.
It must be recognized that the Bush administration mismanaged the Iraq war in the beginning by not getting it over with in a hurry. Their goal was clear, but their execution flawed. How does one characterize the actions of the Obama administration? What is Obama's goal? You can make your own conclusions.
I've made mine, albeit reluctantly. I believe what people do, not what they say! What we have done is promote control by the Muslim Brotherhood, not democracy at all.


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