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Monday, October 24, 2011


To: The Editor, Richmond Times Dispatch
From: J. A. Mann, PhD
Subject: Governor Wilder's op-ed re Obama Reelection, 23 October
I have long respected Governor Wilder and credit him with serving the Commonwealth of Virginia well. I am always interested in his opinions. His op-eds are credible where too many political writers' aren't. It was with positive expectation that I read his Times Dispatch op-ed October 23rd critiquing President Obama's chances of winning Virginia in 2012. Sadly, it didn't measure up. His allusion that Virginians were discerning in voting for Obama in 2008 lacks supporting evidence. Virginians voted for Obama in spite of his having less to define him than any candidate in history – no meaningful job experience demanding accountability, sealed academic records, questionable associations and more. Nothing to define him as qualified. Discerning? No. Hopeful? Yes.
Governor Wilder's declaration that he “wants this president to be reelected” is absent any justifying reasons. Is Obama the leader to help solve America's problems? A strong case can be made that traditional America is in decline. Our national condition is critical. Our economy has unaddressed structural problems only worsened by Obama's policies. Fiscal irresponsibility exacerbates the sovereign debt problem. Nationalized healthcare isn't a solution. Giving GM largely to the UAW with $50 Billion of tax forgiveness is irresponsible. There's more.
A leader who can heal America's critical ills is not yet identified. But, Obama has proven not to be that leader.
J. A. Mann, PhD
Williamsburg, 23185


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