President Obama -- reform or resign, sent to Obama and major media

August 25, 2011

To: Barack Obama, President of the United States of America

Mr. President, you were elected with no record of achievements to define you as qualified. Even your academic records were sealed from scrutiny, and still are. A majority of voters supported you in good faith with hope that you would be the leader needed to solve America's problems. After three years, hope has vanished. Rather than being the transformational president hoped for, you have practiced class warfare and partisan politics that render you a most divisive president. You and your advisers have not demonstrated adequate understanding of the economy. Your “stimulus” spending has been a failure, as expected by all but the most ardent adherents to failed Keynesian economic theory. Your flippant comment and laughter after failure of nearly $1 Trillion on “shovel ready... ,” that “shovel ready wasn't as shovel ready as you thought,” was reprehensible, defining you as non-caring and an affront to every American, especially those struggling with no jobs. Your profligate spending, even on campaign-related travel (not even thinly disguised as official state business) is unacceptable. Your domestic policy must be judged a failure. Four trillion dollars in 3 years! Excessive spending and failed policies define you.

You have offended America's most loyal allies in Europe, especially Britain. And, your actions toward Israel are unacceptable. You and your advisers are now defined as inadequate and worse in foreign policy. It is time for change. If you continue on the same course, your presidency will be one of monumental failure. All Americans will be the victims.

You may leave a positive legacy and be viewed as a statesman by doing the following:

  • Declare that you will not be a candidate for president in 2012, freeing you from campaigning. Commit yourself to solving America's problems to prevent her demise.

  • Remove all “czars” and advisers and divorce yourself from radical people who want to transform America to a socialist nation.

  • Fire all economic advisers. Restaff only with people having operations experience.

  • Recruit experienced operations people for interdisciplinary groups to solve critical problems.

  • Divorce from union heads and union people you have in major positions – NLRB e. g. and stop catering to trade and public service unions.

  • Recognize that the economy (now controlled by the financial industry) has problems and government pressure that deter growth and job creation.

  • Fire the heads of agencies, such as EPA, who either do not understand the damage of their actions, or don't care.

  • Begin the process of diminishing, eventually abolishing, the Departments of Education and Energy. Revise drastically the Department of Agriculture.

  • Exit Afghanistan now!

Mr. President, if you are unwilling to take the above actions, resign the Office of President of the United States immediately and let a competent group of people solve our problems and save traditional America from ruin.


Dr. J. A. Mann, PhD

Williamsburg, VA


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