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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Government may no longer be "government" -- and other word inventions

Look for the characterization. "FEDERAL FAMILY" to replace GOVERNMENT in discussions from our folks in Washington. Heard it twice today by administration talking heads. This will take it's "rightful" place alongside "INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY" and will have about as much meaning. I'm considering offering a prize to the person who can list the most word or phase changes to deflect or conceal real meaning in the past few decades... mostly by the progressives.
Older folks will want to think back to the 60s, some should think back to 1973.

Some of the newer ones --- problem to issue, taxes to revenue, government spending to "investment" (without determining ROI, of course), a critic of government excesses to "terrorist," holding politicians accountable to "holding hostage," trying to reign in government excesses as "obstructionism," more......


Blogger Randy McC said...

I'm not quick enough to think of examples of your 'phase change' but I will repeat one thing I posted elsewhere. That is that I think my Federal Family is dysfunctional.

It is doubtful that you would be as close to a dysfunctional family member as you would one who was kind, intelligent, and compassionate. I would be more inclined to look at a 'helpful government person' as a sinister version of a Mexican Federalé.

02 September, 2011  

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