Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Buffett's hypocrisy

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  1. Click here: Review & Outlook: Warren Buffett's Tax Dodge -

    The editorial in WSJ today speaks, in part, to the hypocrisy of Warren Buffett that I wrote in the subject piece, OBAMA AND THE DEBT CEILING, which was published in edited form a week ago. While WSJ's editorial notes even more tax "dodging" than I wrote of in that even his children have foundations to shelter income, they don't come down on him nearly as hard as he deserves. A strong case can be made if Republicans were astute enough (??) that people in Buffett's class are quite disingenuous (being kind here). Ted Turner "shelters" by giving to the United Nations, Soros to a variety of socialist and Marxist "shelters," Peter Lewis (Progressive Ins.) to Marxist organizations......Gates just admitted his billions to "education" have failed.....and the list goes on.
    I made a recommendation to George Allen in a meeting here yesterday to use this and I think we should do a blitz on RNC again and give them some ammo they don't seem to be astute enough to get on their own.

    Just as I was questioning myself as to why I'm taking limited time and energy to deal with this.....Obama comes on TV again and I I'm reminded WHY. He hasn't a clue as to how to deal with the nation's problems. How could he?