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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I don't intend to make a career out of exposing Warren Buffett's hypocrisy because I realize many people don't care....but they should. He is now using himself as a shill for Obama's taxing initiatives while not paying his own. I have observed Buffett for many years, since he used Berkshire Hathaway, once a prominent textile company in an industry where I spent many professional years, for their tax losses to benefit his insurance business. Some years ago, USA Today exposed him as a piker, relative to many others, in charitable giving until his estranged wife died leaving $3+ Billion in BH stock and he began putting billions of dollars into selected foundations....Gates' primarily, but also one for his wife and each of his children. It's all legal, of course.
Now he is exposed for corporate tax problems over many years, and most will still say ho-hum since he admits it and vows to have it all settled.....back to 2002.
Corporations' disputes with IRS are not uncommon, but one's lasting so long are to be questioned.
Obama has these kinds of people all around him and many people just don't care. They didn't when they elected Obama. Why?



Blogger Randy McC said...

Well, Joe, you could certainly find enough material to generate a lifetime of comments about Warren Buffet. I understand that your career, however, was about science and Chemistry and developing certain industrial processes to advance the general welfare of our worlds citizens. Thank you for that.

Two faced, forked tongue individuals are to be pitied actually because their legacy will be short. Having a relationship to this administrations leaders is not something I would personally brag about and try to advance. They are not able to see how much heartache they cause because of all the sycophants they huddle with.

02 September, 2011  

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