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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back after weathering Irene -- and what is 1st I hear

We just came back on line after hurricane Irene blew through here and what is the first I hear as Carol turns on the TV? Obama, of course! He's praising veterans, though. At least he gets something right.
Some who read these notes will wonder why I speak as I do of the "president" and some will be downright angered. I gave him nearly 3 years and tried to find substance, depth of thinking, at least rudimentary understanding of how America works, how our economy works, even the intellect that he was said to have, and more......but I haven't found it. I will write more specifically about these points now that we have power again focusing first on the economy, unions, and jobs (the mantra of the times).
It's interesting that the WSJ recently got a couple of things correct.....a bit about how the economy works and finally a detailed article on what our national debt really is as a % of GDP....finally someone will print it.....Oh yes, they even focused on Buffett's sham tax argument. Hell may be freezing over!


Blogger Randy McC said...

I personally don't have a problem with openly heaping scorn on an affirmative action person of any ilk. That Obama was able to ascend to the Office of the President is an indication of how deep in the hole we are. As others have said, how can we have a population so ignorant as to have elected this imposter to be our President.

The deepness of the hole is measured by our national debt. It is finally getting through to our citizens how big a pile of dollars this debt is.

02 September, 2011  

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