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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Obama's promised "job plan"

More disturbing than the national job deficit is the president's promise to "solve the problem" with a program to create more jobs (now a mantra). The federal government cannot "create" meaningful lasting jobs and, in fact, is in no position (nor should they be) even to do economic development as states can, and must, do. The feds can only create government jobs, which we need no more of, and, in fact, must reduce by diminishing or eliminating unproductive agencies. Even if it were the charter of the federal government to "create jobs," who can legitimately expect a president who has no employment record, a cabinet and advisers of similar credentials (including radical czars) who have never been in the productive world either, to know about job creation. A scant few (reported as ~8%) have had productive jobs with the majority from academia and activist organizations, including unions. There is no evidence that either the president or his "advisers" understand (or even care about) the structural problems in our economy. Today, the financial industry controls the economy with manufacturing now about 10% of GDP with only 9% of jobs. Manufacturing is where the middle class was built and was where a person could start out in lower level jobs and advance through the ranks, even to good management positions. Who among us doesn't remember the claims of the 80s and 90s that the "service economy" would be the savior of the economy --- constancy, "recession-proof," growth. All false! Again today, I heard acolytes for the administration singing this same tune. They will never learn! They never measure results objectively. Success for such people is measured by whether they get their legislation promulgated.... their prejudices satisfied. Oh, by the way, how many jobs have unions ever created, except for their management?


Blogger Randy McC said...

I would like to see you do one about how it is that taxes can generate jobs? How is it that the liberal mind can say that a government job is equal to a private industry job? They say that government workers pay taxes too. How is that bad?

I say that you deduct a private industry job for every government job. Actually a service job should be deducted from a private industry job since the service industry does not create anything durable.

You're right. 'Recession proof' is poppycock!!

By the way, I will never say that I make much sense in what I write.

02 September, 2011  

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