Obama's polls -- claims of racism

As Obama's performance defines him, his diehard acolytes stoop more and more to the false claim of racism by those who analyze his performance and judge it for what it is vs. what they expected. Local people here have written such ridiculous claims. Then there are syndicated columnists, such as Leonard Pitts, whose column anchors one of our local papers, who would have nothing to write about if he didn't have the race issue.
These people, rather typically, ignore facts and details and report only from their prejudices or talking points provided for them.
They ignore the fact that, in 2008, 53% of voters voted for Obama, in good faith and hope, when there was nothing positive to define him. He was black! Months after his election, even more, 69% of voters, supported him .... still in good faith. He was still black. Now, nearly three years of essentially fiddling while America burns, his support has diminished to near half of that.......and he is still black.
Where's the logic, where's the justification for claims of racism? This speaks volumes for the lack of judgement of a large bloc of people who refuse to analyze results and make decisions based on logic and facts. Want more proof of this non-analytical thinking? Look at what has happened to our education system as we've spent billions of dollars and results have gotten progressively (oops, interesting word) worse. Oh yes, analyze (objectively!) what unions did for jobs in the manufacturing sector and decide if promotion of unions,a la Obama, is good for job creation ............. or simply good for building voter blocs. And, look at what public service unions have done for socialist nations (the PIIGS e. g. ) and decide if Obama's push for more of them is for the good of America or good for voter bloc building. There is much more. Some will roil at these comments, but try to subdue prejudices and look at facts. It's not my intent to upset anyone, but these are critical issues that should be dealt with....and aren't.


  1. Carol Mann31 August, 2011

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  2. I sent instructions for how to post comments to another that asked me how to do it. I still don't see any comments from him. He may have given up Carol!

    Racism is insidious. Even the blacks who voted almost en mass for Obama don't see anything wrong. The way I see it, the fact that 95% of the black vote went for Obama says a couple of things to me. One is that the 5% who didn't vote for him likely voted against him because they were Republican. So you could say that a similar 5% voted for him because they were Democrats. That leaves 90% who likely voted for him solely because of his supposed race and his skin color. If that ain't racism I'll eat your hat. If that third category was similar to how the Nation voted as a whole at about 50% then there wouldn't be anything said at all. There would not have been a problem.

    As for our Education system, the more money poured down this particular rat hole the worse the results are. One could easily surmise that the Education rat hole should be filled with concrete. Will it be? Nope. Nothing harder in this lifetime than to change ones Karma. (And by the way, Government entities have Karma believe it or not....) Nothing. Once the funnel opens it is like a bottomless pit. A money pit.


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