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Thursday, November 3, 2011


I hope readers will read the eaarlier post, "America, When Will She Be Like Greece?"
I stand by my analysis although I just heard a rapid-talking reporter on CNBC asserting that Popandreou now looks like a genius because "he got the opposition to the table." She talks too fast to be anything but a far leftist (a trademark if you haven't noticed). Her commentary is simply reflexive and ignores facts. Nothing analytical at all. This is all too common for people of her persuasion. The situation is simple. The truth is the opposition wants Popandreou's job. THE DRIVERS OF THE RESISTANCE ARE NOT AT THE TABLE --- PUBLIC SERVICE UNIONS! We'll see if they come to their senses or force Greece into catastrophic default.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe: I just sent this in to the Gazette. It is on the OWS mob but it easily applies to this situation. By the way, NYC's ACORN crooks are behind the OWS movement and they have been caught shredding everything. In addition, it look like Rahm Emanuel is behind the release of the Cain sexual harassment situation. Bob Warren

Occupation leads to Riots:

Not unexpectedly, the Occupy Wall Street protests have evolved into mob riots. From Seattle to Oakland to cities in Europe, rioting has damaged businesses, frightened families, shutdown major city facilities and injured people.

In New York City, the source of the protests, small businesses in and around Zuccotti Park find that their customer base is shrinking and that their suppliers are loath to transit what is perceived as dangerous ground. Some small businesses have been forced to change their customer policies to prevent destructive behavior from OWS protestors. The overall result of the OWS mob scene is that the small businesses are losing a substantial amount of daily revenue. Not surprisingly, they are firing their help in an attempt to survive.

Also in New York City, families with children who live in the area of Zuccotti Park find that their lives are constantly being disrupted. Children cannot safely transit the area of the protests even during daylight hours, and entire families cannot transit them after dark. Criminal behavior involving theft, drugs, prostitution, muggings and rape are all part of the scene.

Unlike the Tea Party protestors who want to restore the constitutional system of government and eliminate the federal cronyism that has led to massive debt and overbearing regulation, the Occupy Wall Street crowd wants to destroy the existing system and replace it with some misguided conception of socialism. I would remind the OWS protestors of George Washington’s comment: “"Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."

03 November, 2011  

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