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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I've been a bit slow this week but have quite a few items to write. Will try to shape up. In the meantime I want to offer a brief commentary on the Iranian attack on the British Embassy (or English Embassy according to Obama sans teleprompter).

The media is either uninformed and are consequently misinforming us, or they don't want to tell the truth. I will opt to believe the latter. When they report that "students are attacking the British Embassy," they are not telling the whole truth. In fact little of it.

Truth is the real attackers are thugs of the regime, the domestic militia, "basij,"  Ahmedenijad's domestic "peace keepers." Some will say, "so what?"  The "so what" to those of us who try to understand analytically how actions in other nations (other regimes) relate to the USA is, "how does this affect us?" Simple linear thinking says, "Iran is attacking an American ally." Yes. True. We must react accordingly.

However, analytical thinking and reflection on our own government, one so different from any is US history, leads one to think of candidate Obama's proposal in 2008 campaigning that we "could have a domestic army larger than the US military." That comment is lodged in my memory bank. Please think carefully before rejecting the idea that such could be a part of America's transformation. Remember Richard Trumka's assurance to Obama. "We are your army and we're ready to fight." Radical thinking? NO, not in today's America. For the first time in my life, I see such action as possible for us. The election of 2012 will decide who and what America will be. Obama is inept, but he does have a plan. Too large a percentage of voters are just inept, and have no plan except to vote their prejudices. What America will be will be up to voters in 2012. I hope and pray they think of consequences.


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