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Friday, November 25, 2011

SOLYNDRA -- E-MAILS, CHU, OBAMA, KAISER -- written Nov. 9 but not posted

From the e-mails among Solyndra people, DOE's Chu, George Kaiser and unidentified (for now) other WH people now being exposed, only Obama sycophants and acolytes would contend he had nothing to do with the absurd $528 million "investment" by DOE in the defunct company. Kaiser, a huge fundraiser for Obama, visited the WH 17 times. E-mails state that Solyndra was discussed every visit, contrary to the White House's (Obama's) contention that only charitable donations were discussed. Sure!!! No sensible person would think anything other than that Obama was involved. So what. Will he pay any price??

No. He will skate from this as he does from all misdeeds, including serial lying to the American people and grossly mismanaging his office. In all of my professional life, I have never witnessed a person in a position of responsibility and authority as unqualified for the job. Only in politics can this happen.....and in this case arguably the most important position in the world.......added Nov. 25: Chu is as unqualified for the job of CEO of such a business as DOE as Obama is for the presidency. The Nobel prized was never issued for managerial competence. For many years it has been only for far-left people in whatever discipline the "prize" is offered. The Nobel Committee and the "Prize" are no longer credible. 

Never in my lifetime do I remember an administration so totally devoid of management and leadership acumen across the whole spectrum of governance. Sorry, but it is what it is!!

Chu and other lower level people may resign, and should. But, the odds of Obama remaining for 5 more years are higher than most are willing to believe....more than 50:50. Republicans are reelecting him with their own ineptitude.


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