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Thursday, November 24, 2011


It's reported today that Dr. Donald Berwick will resign his position as head of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) before his recess appointment ends. Obama appointed Berwick during congressional recess in 2010 because Berwick would have not been approved by the Senate.

The Tribune News Service reports his early resignation this way: "Berwick, a longtime advocate for patient safety and improving the quality and efficiency of health care, has been widely hailed by doctors, hospital officials and other health care leaders." HHS Secretary Sebelius praised him for his work as "we transform health care delivery system."

"But, Republican lawmakers opposed to the law [health care] passed in 2010 blocked his confirmation in the Senate" (WHERE DEMOCRATS ARE IN THE MAJORITY !!). How disingenuous!! It's pure bias and many, perhaps most, who read it will never know the truth.

There is no mention that Berwick has been an advocate for socialized medicine, has praised the British system as superior, has said that "wealth redistribution" is a necessity of health care. He has also been an advocate for rationing health care and is the principle advocate of COMPETITIVE EVALUATION RESEARCH (CRE), as the method of rationing.

So, how and why does the Tribune News Service miss this??? Some biased reporter wants to mislead and some editors permit it. It's that simple.

Daily, I watch and read extreme bias in the media and print press and am reminded of a relative who has assured me that he has "never seen evidence of bias." That's easily explained. It isn't bias when the report comports with one's personal prejudices (bias). Is it any wonder that we elect "leaders" who don't lead, congresspeople who don't represent us and bankrupt the nation with nonsensical spending and policies that destroy TRADITIONAL AMERICA. Yes, that's what is happening. The heart and soul of traditional America are being stripped out.

The 2012 election will be the most important one since the election of 1860. Yes, I've written this before.......... and will write it again.......and again.


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