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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I just watched an interview with former Sec. of State, Condolezza Rice in which she expressed optimism that the radical Muslim Brotherhood, now taking over in Egypt and Libya and probably Tunisia, would "be a little rough in the beginning" but would reform insinuating good outcomes for the region. She even suggests that the MB's control will be temporary. She did say she expected the MB to take over in Libya, as I wrote about up front, when others in the media and in government didn't see it that way.
So, we have a former Sec. of State who implies goodness and reform for the mid-east thinking that the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia Law will be temporary, we have DIA Director Gen. James Clapper asserting that the MB is secular (??), we have a current Sec. of State asserting that President Obama's "Leading from Behind" was a good strategy as she extolls the virtue of democracy now in Libya and Egypt, we are pulling all troops out of Iraq after losing negotiations to Muqtada Al Sadr who will surely do to Iraq what Khomeini did to Iran and finally we have a President Obama who seems happy with the whole deal. Oh yes, our major Muslim ally, Ataturk's Turkey is steadily going the theocratic route.
Oh, one more point..... recently respected retired General Anthony Zinni stated in a speech here in my town that we'd just have to get used to an Iran with nuclear power. Live with it!
So, where does all of this leave the one true democracy and our major ally in the regions, Israel? Surrounded by enemies. I wonder how good old anti-semitic, Jimmy Carter sees all of this.
Does traditional America have a chance to survive with such leaders..... and domestic policies, including unionizing every enterprise an government hasn't even been considered yet. Not pretty!


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