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Saturday, September 29, 2012


It's not likely you'll find this link on such far left websites asThe Pragmatic (an oxymoron!), but it is reality.

This depicts the voter who will reelect Obama and, hence, will determine what kind of America we will live in -- a collectivist society (aka Marxism) It's all but impossible to convince people predisposed to vote the "D," or those who buy the misinformation of Obama and the media, of this. But, the reality is that Obama promised to "transform America" and all of his actions show that he means just that.

Young people will help make this happen, along with many misguided seniors who vote reflexively for the "D." They will be relegating all Americans to subjugation to the state. Yes, Obama is a true statist. For many of us it won't matter, but for the youth, they are voting to shorten the path to perdition, like lemmings off the cliff. TRAGIC!

I'm reminded of a home health care nurse who "loved to hear Obama talk." I asked her what she thought of his governance. She said, "maybe he buy me a house." I asked how would he do it. "He got lots of money." Yes, he will have, and he'll have much of hers. SAD!

I realize I'm wasting time, in all likelihood, but occasionally I find someone who wants to understand. Most do no not. There minds are set.


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