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Monday, September 17, 2012


It is truly reprehensible, and worse that the media is all-consumed in criticizing Mitt Romney for making a statement about the deplorable anti-American activities, including murder of Americans in LIbYa, while ignoring the fact that the Commander and Chief, Obama, downplays the events. He's been too busy campaigning to govern for 13 months.
The major media also are blatantly pro-Obama and showing it. This is the epitome of irresponsibility, but who cares? Surely not Obama supporters. Surely not those who vote reflexively for the "D" although the "D" isn't what it used to be.
The major media remain disgustingly complicit with the Obama administrations assertions that America is more respected today than pre-Obama. This is absolutely FALSE. I get comments from many parts of the world...... and they quite different from the administration hype. Just today polls came out from the mid-east.... Jordan, Pakistan and Egypt showing the image of America is double-digit worse than it was 4 years ago. This is serious!
The controllers of the messages to masses of Americans determine how America is governed. They determine our future, and in today's culture, that means an America transformed to a collectivist society -- even Marxist if Obama gets a 2nd term. Yes, think about it and look at Obama's background and listen to his statements, especially befor being elected.
Americans, wake up and insist on accurate information, It's available, but you may have to do more than turn on the left-biased TV to get it. Your future is in your hands, but you're letting the worst among us decide it for you. Harsh? No. Just trying to send a wake-up call. Will it be heard?


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