This editorial/essay was written at request of, and published by, the Virginia Gazette, a Tribune paper. I address the critical domestic/economic failures. They are profound and disqualify Obama for another term. A piece on foreign policy will issue next. However, The Gazette ran a very good editorial on Sept. 22 by a journalist and a former ambassador who outline failures of Obama is foreign policy. The Times Dispatch ran an editorial on Sunday, Sept. 23 on Obama's failed foreign policies even more compelling than the Gazette piece. How anyone who knows of Obamas's failures can still vote for him is incomprehensible.

THE CASE FOR ROMNEY The Virginia Gazette, Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The 20 12 presidential election is the most critical election since 1860. Americans are as polarized now as then and are becoming more so. America has systemic, life-threatening issues. A stagnating economy with structural problems, crushing debt now 109% of GDP(up over 50% in 4 years), 23 million people unemployed, and burgeoning rolls of government dependents together threaten America's solvency, sovereignty and national security. The Obama administration is ineffective in dealing with these issues. Our national condition is truly critical!

President Obama, with no accountable operating or management background, was elected on hope. He's made fatal mistakes. An effective manager/leader appoints, to key positions, people with expertise he/she doesn't have. Obama didn't. He appointed people like himself. His economic advisers are theoreticians who promote concepts not applicable to our economic condition. Many advisers are steeped in collectivism. Obama's is a statist. Personal opinions and political considerations drive many decisions. President Obama and AG Holder often ignore the constitution as they abrogate laws. Even if Obama is given credit for good intentions (and I don't), they are wrong. Some facts are exemplary of failure of the Obama administration.

The economic downturn is not a typical imbalance of supply and demand. It's a collapse of a whole segment of the economic engine – housing construction. The administration's attempt to stimulate demand is not unlike blowing two cylinders in a racing engine and trying to recover by applying more fuel. The fuel is wasted, the car stalls.

The economy is underpinned by oil. Obama's not approving the Keystone pipeline and restricting drilling can be likened to destroying the foundation of a house with structural problems and expecting it still to stand. Loss of jobs is in the tens of thousands, and more. All of this is done as refined petroleum products overtake airplanes as the number one export while President Obama sets a goal of 50% increase in exports. Then there is the price of gasoline! How wrong can a policy be?

How about the closure of hundreds of coal mines which Obama promised he'd do and if they stayed open he'd “bankrupt them.” He is doing so and costing thousands of jobs. He's keeping that promise, one of few.

An effective CEO, or leader of any enterprise knows, “the enterprise is reinvented when it's at peak performance.” Obama's effort to subsidize solar and wind energy in a stalled economy is wrong.

Manufacturing, where the middle class prospered, is only 10% of GDP and 9% of employment. Excess union and government pressure are responsible for much of the loss in this sector. Obama's focus on unions and government control is wrong.

America needs what we in the operating arena know as a “workout.” All aspects of the enterprise are examined by experts. Solutions for problems are found with analytical problem-solving approaches.

This is what Mitt Romney has done his entire professional life from rescuing the insolvent Olympics to re-structuring failing corporations. This is reality! Forget the misleading campaign charges.

Solving our major problems is of urgent priority. Romney will do as he did as governor of Massachusetts and as Reagan did as president. He'll appoint experts, not political activists. He'll hold them accountable and manage them. They will report to him, the CEO. With their input he will guide development of policies to solve problems and correct our critical national condition.

I would hope that all Americans will pull together to halt the transformation of America. I'd hope seniors would ignore the threat of losing medicare under Romney and realize the loss of much medical treatment for those over 70 is already a part of Obamacare. Vote to benefit our progeny. Young people, forgo your individual special issues, vote to cure our national ills and get off the path to perdition. Special interests will seem unimportant as America is transformed to collectivism in a second Obama term. To maintain a strong traditional America we need a Romney presidency.

Joe A. Mann holds a PhD from GA Tech and is CEO and Founder of The Mann Group, International Consultants in Management, Marketing and Technology Strategies. The Virginia Gazette requested he write this editorial.


  1. I have no disagreement with your analysis, but virtually all writers miss the extraordinary ways Obama is altering the bureaucracy and its misuse of laws behind the scenes. While the economic crisis is severe, the poisonous changes throughout government are equally devestating in the short and long term. The "czars" are there for a reason, and that is to transform government from within, while no one is looking or able to ferret out what is taking place. The few reported instances of overriding the Constitution, laws and regulations are only the tip of the iceberg, and even these are not reported sufficiently for the public to understand the magnitude and meaaning of the changes.

    1. I agree 100% with your comments and have written a little about this...not enough! I wrote this on request and stuck to the economic issues that could be done in the 600-word limit and where Romney has proven background....restructuring enterprises. I'm going to take liberty to post your comments (ask forgiveness later if necessary)and write a more comprehensive piece. I realize the word "transform" may not be definiitive enough. THANK YOU!

  2. Superb, Joe.


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