TRUTH -- Punishment for telling it in Obama's world

 Loss of integrity and truth portends loss of our national soul - Mann
Never in my lifetime have I seen such disregard for truth and such willingness of so many to ignore negative reality as is now evident with “President Obama and those who shill for him. Clearly, Democrats dare not to speak any negative truth about Obama as the legions of shills all speak in unison from the same talking points. They all appear programmed with the same words, all spoken with the same tempo as rapidly as a machine gun can fire. To those who say this is normal in politics, I say, ”No!” Such blatant untruthful commentary and false claims are at a level I've never seen or heard in my years of political awareness. Democrats who dare to veer off script are dealt with immediately and apparently severely.

Also, any Democrat who dares to say anything positive about Obama's opponents is obviously dealt with immediately and, it seems, with serious consequences. Take the case of Newark Mayor, Cory Booker. When he had the “audacity” to speak critically of negative aspersions cast upon Mitt Romney and venture capitalists, and avoid the sycophantic rant against “private equity,” it's clear he was dealt with harshly. Booker is a man who presents himself well and confidently. However, in his “walk-back” of his comments, after his woodshed whipping, he looked pathetic, and not unlike a spanked puppy.

Then there is former president, Bill Clinton. In one presentation he referred to Mitt Romney as a person “with a sterling business career, surely qualified to be president.” The next day he was walking it back – Bill Clinton, a man most confident of himself, a former president and a world figure taken to the proverbial woodshed. There are other examples, but these two are illustrative of conditions more ominous and more profoundly of concern than simply “misspeaking.” Truth is suppressed! 

Who is in the woodshed meting out threats and punishments? What are the threats? Obama alone, even as president, does not have the ability to intimidate people like Clinton and Booker, but they surely are intimidated!

This is a more serious issue than pols simply misspeaking! It goes to the very essence of, “Who is really in control?” More importantly, “What is their goal?” I will sincerely hope, that every honorable America-loving Democrat thinks about this seriously and realize that Obama is not really one of them, rather he is just using their label for credibility. What are his goals and those of his “handlers?”Look at what is truth and what isn't, and reject him and his operatives. America's soul and our future depend on this.


  1. I would go so far as to say there has never been a more dishonest man on the world stage as Obama. To not stand up against his lies is to affront the soul of the entire human race. This is a man who must be brought to task on each and every lie. Without that,lies become the norm, the acceptable. And so goes ouir national soul....

    It's more serious than that, but cannot come up with the proper words to describe how bad it is...

  2. Thank you, Chuck. Surely we have never had a president who can lie so easily, and with impunity since media will not hold him accountable. Unfortunately, this is a testimonial to our national a large % of people who are not discerning, acceptance of mediocrity, even inferiority, and simply reflexively support Obama. These numbers are now large and combined with those who vote "D" without thought betray the nation as much as those who deliberately do so. I hate to be so pessimistic, but a CA friend just sent me a note that 33% of people polled think Obama is good to excellent! Sad!


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