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Tuesday, June 26, 2012



It's reported that the SCOTUS will issue a decision on the constitutionality of the so-called “Affordable Care Act” Thursday, 26 June. Irrespective of which way their decision goes, in my opinion this legislation will qualify for the designation as a “forever mistake.” Why?

If the law is judged constitutional, it's very reasonable to think that it will be litigated and re-litigated forever by those who oppose it – the majority of citizens according to polls. It's reasonable to compare the law to Roe v. Wade, a divisive re-litigated issue for 40 years now. When reality hits and the costs are known, what we win, who wins and who loses, objections will mount.

If the law is judged not to be constitutional, it's very likely we'll have massive demonstrations, even riots by OWS and other anarchists (yes, anarchists). It's not unreasonable to believe that President Obama and his supporters will assure this happens. I don't enjoy thinking this way, but the president's style and that of his supporters is now rather well-known. OWS has made it known. It's the method of the “organizers.”

It is a reasonable argument that the best outcome would be for SCOTUS to uphold any beneficial parts of the law permitting it to be sent back to congress for re-work. Will it happen?

This legislation exemplifies government's ineptitude in problem solving. Decisions are made and legislation is promulgated without any formal analytical problem-solving methodology – or even thought! Issues and problems are not segmented, root causes are not determined. Rather, decisions are made and legislation developed from prejudices and for special interests, not at all from analytical thought and deliberation. Such is the way with political decisions.Obamacare exemplifies this.

If legislators dealt with issues and problems in a professional way, they would segment problems into possible causes, analyze the significance of each possible cause, assign most probable cause (s), prioritize each and develop solutions for the real and most probable causes. Such is the way with formal “analytical problem-solving” methodology used by those in private enterprise who are accountable for developing the best, most effective solutions to problems. Such methodology is used also for decision-making by those who seek excellence and the best decisions. With Obamacare, Obama and some in congress decided on a "solution" and now try to fit a problem to it!! " As Pelosi said, "We must pass the law to find out what is in it." Beyond incomprehensible! Grossly irresponsible! Abjectly stupid! Call me condescending, arrogant, whatever. Truth is truth. Have the courage to face it and call it what it is.

Disciplined, professional problem-solving and decision-making appears to be totally unknown by most politicians. How can it be different when we elect people to office who have absolutely no experience operating in the “real” arena of accountability, where excellence is sought and rewarded, mediocrity and inferiority rejected? How many in government today have no such experience? Start with President Obama! Community organizing (activism) is not a search for excellence. It's a search for special benefits, even if totally undeserved.

It's not unreasonable to characterize the “affordable care act” (aka Obamacare) as such.


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