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Sunday, June 24, 2012


EGYPT – and the Muslim Brotherhood – Clinton, Clapper and Obama

Some will remember that I wrote, during the praise of the “Democratic Arab Spring” by the Sec. Of State, Obama and the even more inept, Gen. James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence that the Muslim Brotherhood would end up controlling Egypt. Clinton praised the “Arab Spring” as a “great democratic movement” and Clapper declared that the MB is a “secular” organization.” The Muslim Brotherhood, once home to Aymin Zawahiri, #2 in command of Al Queda when they attacked the USA and more, that birthed both Hezbollah and Hamas and that is already active in the Sanai, “SECULAR.” Are the declarations of these so-called leaders (who aren't) made out of abject ignorance or are they assuming we are so ignorant as not to know the truth?

Egypt will become a radical Islamic state, Iran already is, Iraq will become the same, even Turkey under Erdogan is leaning hard to a more Islamic government undoing the great work of Attaturk nearly a century ago. Syria will probably end up likewise.

Obama and his minions are saying “right on,” all is well with democracy in the mid-east. But Israel, the only democracy in the middle east, gets stiffed by Obama and will find themselves surrounded by hostile states who want to see them to disappear.

As I wrote in another piece this week, “our government is now populated with people who have neither the intelligence, nor the wisdom nor the judgment to run our country.“ How can we trust them to know what is truly going on with other nations? Some will say we don't need to know....... we absolutely do!

Our national security is being threatened in too many ways, from the outside but also from “inside our government.” As I write this, Hezbollah is on our southern border from their base in the “Triple Frontier" of S. Am. and likely already in the USA. And the leftists disparage me and anyone else who asserts it. Why?

Is it any wonder that we elect inept, improperly motivated officials and appoint people in their image given an electorate so populated with those who ignore reality and do not seek the truth?


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