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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


This was sent to me by a loyal friend and loyal American who started life in Cuba and fled communism as Castro came to power. It was sent to him by another American from Cuba now in Miami. I have written about this friend before. He, his wife and others came to me in 2008 out of concern for what they saw in Obama that mirrored what they experienced under Che and Castro in Cuba. They remain very concerned about the intentions of Obama and still see Marxism in his actions. My friend said to me some time ago, as I opined about the loss of traditional America under Obama, that "America is already not the country I came to in 1960." I agree, but to me it is the America I have seen in transformation since the 60s. We must resist this!
Interesting website change we see at the NEW U.S. JUSTICE DEPT.
Department of Justice: W E B S I T E C H A N G E - I M P O R T A N T!
Little by little, the subtle changes come until one day we
will wake up and be in the United Socialist States of America.
The 2012 elections are just around the corner, so get and stay engaged as if our nation depended on it... because it does!!!!!
U.S. Department of Justice
ditches red, white, and blue stars and stripes.

Well, how interesting!
It seems the U.S. Department of Justice
has changed its web site.
Gone are the colorful red, white, and blue U.S. Flag
decorations on the page,Replaced by stark black. Why BLACK? Hmmmm!!
And at the top of the page, is a rather
  interesting quote:
"The common law is the will of mankind, issuing from the life of the people."
Catchy, huh? Just one tiny little (too small to be relevant obviously)
point -- the quote is from C. Wilfred Jenks, who in the 1930's
was a leading proponent of the "international law" movement, which had as its goal to impose a global common law and which backed 'global workers' rights.'
Call it Marxism, call it Progressivism, call it Socialism -- under anyof those names, it definitely makes the DOJ lookcorrupt in their new website with Marxist accessories to match. See for yourself:

Very interesting that 'they' couldn't find a nice quote from one of our Founders. People, we have lost our Republic. This is an example of the slow, methodical misuse of power our current government is doing as they lead us to socialism, and destroying our republic as we have known it.
Bring back the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA------
                           "Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak."
                               "Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen" -- Winston Churchill


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