The foundation of the socialist ideology is that man cannot govern himself.  Since this is the premise, the practitioners of socialism must control individual liberty, and they do so without regards to the means employed. To the socialist, the utopian end is noble - yet it is an end without conscience.
Socialism is not an easy sell. It is not a natural state of man. Many fall victim to its siren song simply because they do not value their liberty. Some individuals willingly accept whatever the socialist provides under the guise of “fairness and justice”. They believe they have a right to live at the expense of others. These individuals are the putty of the socialist.
Socialism must suppress and alter a nation’s identity, culture and traditions. This is done through the co-opting of educational institutions, the news and entertainment media, religious institutions, charities and select interest groups. Ideological tolerance is built slowly so as to minimize alarm, - and then suddenly when a sufficient crisis occurs. Economic devastation combined with political corruption and excess is a perfect trigger for the sudden rise of socialism.
Socialism depends on a charismatic leader who promises hope and change. With a small numbers of committed individuals and other “useful idiots”, such leaders have been able to takeover discontented societies. Socialism needs distractions in the form of some hated class, external threat or even God to distract from socialism’s failures.
Because socialism suppresses the individual, it also suppresses individual creativity and productivity. Essentially, the results of an individual’s efforts are given to others based on some arbitrary and capricious formula of want and need.
Socialism, once established, is difficult to eliminate. To be successful politically, the socialist society must impose itself on virtually every individual action and thought. In socialist democracies, control of the individual takes the form of ever expanding entitlements and regulations. In the worst of socialist societies, individuals are enslaved within a police state structure where criticism is treated harshly.
To the socialist, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence are irrelevant. The rule of law, economic accountability, national borders, and anything or anyone that identifies with the past is not only useless but dangerous. The only wisdom that is valued is that which comes from the socialist playbook.
The bottom line is that a socialist society is mechanistic. Individuals are productive or unproductive biological units to be nurtured, or denied nurture, based on government derived health and welfare criteria.
The socialist likes to portray socialism as the savior of mankind. In truth, it is a great and inherently destructive evil.
Submitted by Dr. Robert Warren, PhD to The Virginia Gazette


  1. Good article factual information. However, I think what Bob is describing is a totalitarian form of government, more than a socialism, as viewd by economists. Socialism, in the traditinal economic definition, is government ownership of all means of production. As explained by F.A. Hayek in his book "The Road to Serfdom", the decision making demands of a socialist system will drive the government in to an authoritarian mode or mindset, as well as producing very poor, inefficent economic decisions about what is produced, how much, and by whom.

    Another distinction that can be made is that of a capitalistic economic system, with citizens and business taxed heavily and massive income redistribution. Think Sweden.

    There are many other combinations and degrees to which countries ascribe. The bottom line is socialism, income redistribution, high taxes, totalitarian governments all reduce liberty and freedom. To me, liberty and freedom is not a means to an end; it is the very essence of a quality life on this earth. A basic reason ObamaCare MUST be defeated...

    Chuck Misak


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