I've expressed my thoughts, about Rush Limbaugh's crude characterization of a Georgetown Law School student, whose name I will not repeat here. For the record, she was wrong in her statements and misrepresented the issue, including costs, of mandated financial coverage for contraception. She was, in fact, simply a SHILL FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA, who is a consummate master of getting people to do his bidding. The media supports him both explicitly and implicitly, even when he is wrong.

Many have spoken out about media bias, as well as Limbaugh's right of free speech, to legitimize his remark. There's truth in both. Let's take a brief look at media bias.

Left-wing Progressive and big Obama contributor, Bill Maher, to me one of the most repugnant public figures of all times, calls Sarah Palin a C*NT and it barely gets mentioned on cable news. Maher also verbally assaulted Michelle Bachman with crude names. He has asserted that anyone of faith is an “idiot” and “anyone who believes the Jesus story is a fool.” I heard these comments in a CNN interview while visiting with my terminally ill mother whose faith sustained her for her lifetime, especially the last 20 years after my father's death.

Maxine Waters can tell honorable and orderly Tea Party participants to go “straight to hell” and it makes a 10 second spot on cable news..... don't know if it was even covered on the networks. Most recently Waters called Republican Congressional Leaders, Boehner and Cantor, “demons.” Barely a mention. Oh by the way, Waters was also a subject of ethics violation, but somehow that inquiry has gone nowhere. Just remembered, so did the inquiry into Charles Rangel's tax evasion. What happened?Not even a smack on the wrist.

Then there is none other than VP Biden who calls Tea Party people “Barbarians.” That's OK with the media. If one follows left-wing economist and columnist, Paul Krugman, as well as Margaret Carlson, far left US editor of ultra far left socialist publication, The Time, as well as Progressive “entertainer,” Jeneane Girafolo, you will learn that Tea Party folks are “Terrorists.” But, you'd have to watch cable and then for maybe 10 seconds to have heard the comments. Where's the outrage?

Then there's Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO President, who called Tea Party people “Sons-of-Bitches” in the presence of Mr. Obama who did nothing to rebut. He even praised Trumka, as Trumka told the president that “we (union members) are your army and are ready to fight and take them out.” Clearly a threat. But, NO outrage! Why?

How about the questioning of Republican candidates in the debates? George Stephanopoulos' spectacle of asking repeatedly if Santorum (and maybe Romney) would ban contraception. The subject came out of the blue, a surprise with nothing to prompt it. We thought so anyway. Then comes Obama's push for Catholic institutions to provide free contraception. Coincidental, right? Not at all. This was a classic set-up by another media shill for the president. Of course, there's NBC's David Gregory asking one of the Republicans “what would you do that would cause the Republicans pain?” Nuts, but no bias!

Oh, I nearly forgot that Ed Schultz, MSNBC's shill for the far-left, called Laura Ingraham a “slut.” His apology got a lot of face time on TV. Prejudice?? Yes. In fact, all of MSNBC's so-called anchors have been as guilty as Limbaugh, and repeatedly, of remarks as egregious as his.

How many know of President Obama's recent meeting with only left-wing journalists? Who will doubt that such meetings are to assure the journalists have the right talking points? Where's the news on this?

There's much more evidence of media bias. However, none of this justifies Limbaugh's crass  comment. He is a public figure. Most importantly, he is viewed by the media as a major spokesman for Republicans. He has no right to represent all of us with such imprudent remarks. He could have done a service to all Americans if he had gotten the facts, which Ms. Fluke misrepresented, and told the truth to all. He didn't and that was a disservice.


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