This letter asking for unity was issued specifically to the Republican Committee in James City County Virginia. I would issue the same plea to all Americans of whatever political persuasion, to analyze the actions of President Obama and AG Holder, understand what their goals are and vote to remove them. Clearly the best among us don't run for office. Moreover, the better of those nominated don't always win. But, America's national condition is critical and the transformation to a fully collective entitlement-driven state must be stopped. A perfect candidate, one who satisfies us on all our issues will not be found. The goal is to remove Obama.

JANUARY 25, 2012

Dear Fellow Republicans:

I regret that I cannot be with you in the January meeting to participate in plans for dealing with issues this year. Before I make a few comments about 2012, I want to express sincere thanks to the committee and to all individuals who helped our own Mike Watson capture the 93rd House of Delegates seat. Also, special thanks are due the individuals who took on the onerous UN Agenda 21 and ICLEI. Mary Jones deserves our gratitude for initiating and carrying this issue to the BOS as do Messrs. Goodson and Kennedy for providing the votes to divorce James City County from ICLEI. Undoubtedly, this decision will be challenged by the new BOS and your efforts to maintain the divorce must continue. JCC budget issues must receive our attention also. Now, however, highest priority must shift to the presidential and senatorial elections this year.

I strongly suggest to you that the presidential election of 2012 will be the most important one since 1860. Arguably, our nation is as polarized now as she was then. Moreover, it is indisputable that President Obama is using polarizing class warfare to divide and conquer Americans, his reelection strategy while he slights governance. Defeating Obama must be of highest priority. This is not to minimize the importance of the senatorial election, but an effective effort to elect a president will lend coattails to the senate candidate more effectively than will the senatorial one to the presidential election.

I know that some are of the opinion that the senatorial election should be priority number one. I understand that reasoning. In traditional circumstances, separation of powers would make this true. However, with a nontraditional President and a rogue Justice Department, neither of which abide by the Constitution and the Rule of Law, it is mandatory that both be replaced. If not, traditional America will be transformed into a nation of their prejudices and preconceptions – collectivism. Without need to be elected, Obama will take whatever action he wants. His declaration to govern without Congress for now must be interpreted as permanent. It is not unrealistic to think of his seeking to be president for longer than four more years. Think life! And, a leftist Supreme Court majority would make radical control permanent. It's legitimate to think Marxism.

The critical issue for 2012 will be to “get out the Republican vote (GOTV).” Unity, with all Republicans working for a common purpose, will be vitally necessary. Conflict over single issues of governance will be counterproductive and must be avoided. In the 2008 presidential election, James City County Republicans set a standard for GOTV that was recognized statewide. Hundreds of volunteers came together to accomplish a record-setting Republican vote. Such a performance must be repeated this year...starting now. All of you who participated then can congratulate yourselves, but you must have a repeat performance. Winning elections is all about numbers. If all units of the RPV had done what you did in 2008, Obama would not have won Virginia. Similar national efforts would have precluded having a radical tyrannical President Obama.

A key to GOTV is found in people working well together – and enjoying doing so. A key element to working together effectively will be found in a well-run Headquarters Operation. The Headquarters should be highly visible and it must be a welcoming environment, not only for committee members and campaign operatives, but for the community at large, as well as visitors. I still remember visiting headquarters in other states and being welcomed warmly. We have a rather unique opportunity to reach nonresidents by being in Williamsburg. Let's leverage ourselves to the maximum extent.

Effective precinct organization is mandatory to maximizing the vote count. However, it is indisputable that having opinion leaders operating in each community is also of great importance. It's low-tech, but has always been effective.

I also encourage you to use all technology available. The opposition will be well armed and reinforced.
They are already staffing up and the area will be filled with union operatives and others from all over the USA. It is also reasonable to assume their recent reorganization results from strategic focus on special operatives (aka professional hacks) and is, in all likelihood, playing out nationwide. This election will be the dirtiest, most dishonest and corrupt in history.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Joe Mann


  1. Joe:
    I fully agree with your assessment of the challenges we face in defeating Obama. However, that must be priority One. This country cannot survive another four years with him in the White House. I know I've mentioned this before, but we came to this country to escape socialism in England and we were blessed with a modicum of success because the country still had all the values that made us great. Unfortunately, we didn't suppress the radicals of the early 60's, who started the rot! I am available to you and the leadership of the JCCRC to get out the vote. I worked extensively for Mike Watson and am prepared to canvas neighborhood and make phone calls. So, please add my name to the roster of volunteers. Best wishes to you and Carol.
    Michael Kirby


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