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Thursday, March 8, 2012


Americans can mark March 7, 2012 as the date that Progressive extremists openly and blatantly declared themselves anti-American using a basketball team of mostly minority Hispanic students as pawns. If you haven't heard, a mostly white basketball team won over a group of minority Hispanic players and celebrated by simply saying USA, USA repeatedly. So, the losing school district declares this to be racist act and is formally complaining. Who among you believe the losing students are responsible for this declaration? This is one of the most disgusting acts of the far left that I have witnessed to-date. You only have to view the leftist shills in the media (especially those on Fox News) as they defend this nonsense to know that this is a left-wing attack on traditional America – on patriotism.

For me, this is especially disappointing, and disgusting, since it involves Hispanics, with whom I have a long relationship, even though I am sure they are being used as convenient pawns. In 2007 I wrote, published and presented to President Bush a proposal to reform immigration policy. A key point of the proposal was, and is, to give Hispanics a path to citizenship. It only makes sense! But, some conservatives have criticized me, even harshly, with the mantra of...”this is amnesty.” It isn't, it's common sense as to what is best for all and, in fact, what is doable vs building ineffective walls and deporting 12-20 million people. Even next week I have a meeting, along with a colleague, with my congressman to discuss this proposal and possible legislation. If Hispanics let themselves be used as pawns, this is truly disappointing.

Who among you believe that the Progressives responsible for this despicable act (claim of racism) aren't emboldened by a president who supports their views and positions? Who believes this is not a deliberate act to support the president's efforts to divide and conquer Americans to win his positions?

Finally, this event is only a beginning as the media will make it their cause to promote. Sadly, that is what we have come to. More attacks on traditional America! How long before she is totally transformed? The presidential election this year will decide.


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