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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Let's try to understand the Keystone XL pipeline delay imposed by Obama.

It goes like this: We have an oil based economy and will have for decades to some degree forever. Yes, even if we develop alternatives where they are applicable, we will use oil forever.

Our economy is suffering. We have fourteen million people who need jobs! OIL PRODUCTION CREATES JOBS!

The president talks and talks and then talks some more about jobs.....uses huge amounts of tax dollars traipsing around the country allegedly promoting his "jobs bill" that isn't about jobs at all. It's more palaver...more campaign rhetoric to the impressionable people who vote reflexively for him.

The president (a non-leader) promotes so-called green energy as the savior of the country and the ultimate job creator. TWO BIG PROBLEMS: 1) green energy doesn't create jobs as Spain has shown cuts employment, 2) Every person who has managed any significant enterprise knows that the time to "reinvent" ones self, an enterprise, is when the enterprise is booming at it's peak, absolutely not when the enterprise is in stress or in a depression. THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR A PRESIDENT, WHO KNOWS NONE OF THE BASICS OF MANAGEMENT, TO IMPOSE A REINVENTION OF OUR ECONOMIC BASE. It is unmitigated stupidity!!

So, this same misguided president, devoid of understanding and knowledge but high on hype, prejudices and false choices decides to "delay" the XL pipeline to cater to the environmental extremist base EVEN THOUGH 20,000 JOBS ARE IMMEDIATELY CREATED WITH 100,000 MORE TO COME.

In spite of his ineptitude, he is likely to be reelected. Too many voters don't know and too many don't care what they vote for so long as it has a D behind the name.


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