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Friday, December 16, 2011


There's much to write about but have had some problem getting to it...some problems to deal with. Will try to catch up. I'm preparing a piece on "America at the Breaking Point" to, in part, rebut a very weak and meaningless newspaper editorial .... tomorrow. In the meantime, I want to give a few thoughts that always arise when I write about our national condition.

1. The best people among us do not present themselves for elective office, or even for appointed positions. This is now the norm for presidential elections. We are electing mediocre, and even inferior, unqualified people to lead us. And, they don't lead! Voters can look in the mirror and see who's responsible. Obama is the best example of this to-date. McCain was surely not the best among Republicans, but he would have been better for America.

2. Where have all the statesmen gone? There are few, if any, among the older elected officials. Some of the younger ones have it in them to be statesmen, but will they rise in the polluted environment? Over a few decades, we have replaced statesmen such as Richard Russell, Walter George, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Everette Dirksen, Scoop Jackson, Ronald Reagan, even Tip O'Neil, Howard Baker, and more with Pelosi, Reid, Kerry, Biden, Maxine Waters, Waxman, Wasserman-Shultz and now Obama plus more who just don't measure up. I mentioned this to an "independent" relative who named Robert Byrd as the greatest statesman of all times. When challenged he nominated Ted Kennedy. That's what we have come to!!

3. We read opinions that America has gotten to complex to manage. WRONG! The people we elect just aren't up to the job. No leadership or managerial qualities! Obama epitomizes these deficits, yet he has a higher probability of being re-elected than most want to believe. He had no qualifying experience when elected, and he has little now since he isn't leading or managing. The nation is in critical condition and he isn't even treating the symptom, much less the diseases and hasn't been for 3 years. Now, he is simply campaigning for 4 more years. What are his goals? More on the goals later, but for sure it will be more control of all we do. He will attempt to unionize every worker as one. Start with the southern auto workers. Card Check!

4. For those who have managed a few to thousands of people in your life, who among you would hire a person to be CEO of a major enterprise, much less the USA, who never had an accountable job, never led anything but a unionization effort among dependent classes. Who would have hired a person for any job if he refused to let you know his background......sealed all of his records?? You wouldn't even hire a person to mow your lawn if he'd never mowed grass before. What's that say about the wisdom and judgement of voters? And, our former governor, Doug Wilder, was foolish enough to write an op-ed saying that Virginia voters were "discerning" in electing Obama.

5. While the political left self-proclaims "brilliance," it's hogwash. Furthermore, intellect doesn't automatically equate with wisdom and judgement. Our current "leaders" have a deficit of all three.
OK, I'll stop for now and get back to a meaningful report of our being at the breaking part because of these 5 points.


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