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Sunday, December 25, 2011


Those who still insist there is no left bias in the media and print press or no favoritism on the part of Obama, the first item in this link might make you think a bit. Note an error-- Chris Matthews is called Chris Hayes in the article. Even if one is biased to the left and gets news from MSNBC, it's difficult to think anyone would tolerate the 3 MSNBC anchors in Obama's party. Ed Schultz defines dumbest.

Oh, but I remember a neighbor asking me at election headquarters, "Don't you think Rachel Maddow is brilliant (that word again!!)? Of course, I said  "NO." I said, "she talks so fast to cover up saying 
Didn't make him happy. So, he asked, "Don't you think we're fortunate to have Ben Bernanke at The Fed?"

"NO." But "he's 'brilliant'" he said. I gave him a few reasons why Bernanke neither showed brilliance nor any evidence that QE1, QE2....or QE? ? did any good for the economy. That's when I learned the secret to his vast understanding of The Fed action and Bernanke. He said, "I'll believe my daughter-in-law," she has a recent PhD from Harvard..... pause....... and speaks fluent Japanese." "She lived in Japan for xx years." Turns out she's native Japanese. No way could I compete with those credentials (or the logic) and I acknowledged same. 

I said, "Jack, I wasn't pleased with Greenspan either and got criticism from my bankers when I said so. He said, "Oh, but Greenspan is a Republican." Of course I reminded him that The Fed is supposed to be apolitical.... but isn't. He decided he'd talk with his son who works for Fannie Mae to get real information on THE issue I was about to address. 

There's no way to have a normal debate as we once had with traditional Liberals and Conservatives. The 60's radicals control the discourse now. But, I now understand a bit more about brilliance.....don't count on an IQ of 170-180 or wisdom or  or ???. Go to Harvard where everyone graduates with some degree of A....or speaking Japanese helps.


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